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6 Kitchen Layout Tips Our Experts Swear By

Have you just moved into a new home? Or perhaps you’re thinking about a kitchen renovation. Either way, you’re in a great position to improve the layout of your current kitchen and make it much more functional.

From the proximity of your sink to the dishwasher to the size of drawers and cabinetry, a lot of thought goes into high-end kitchen design. In this post, our kitchen designers in Shrewsbury share their best kitchen layout tips to help you get it right.

The Triangle Rule

Always start with the triangle rule, no matter how large or small your kitchen is. This states that the cooker, fridge, and sink should form an unobstructed triangle in your kitchen. If you have anything obstructing this triangle, your kitchen isn’t as functional as it could be.

Place Drawers Under or to the Side of Your Cooker

Lower cabinets are difficult to use and end up crammed with pots and pans we can never reach. Instead, go for wide, deep drawers underneath and to the sides of your stovetop.

This is the best place for large pans and pots and stops you from having to kneel down and go searching for something every time you cook.

Plan Homes for Large Appliances

If you’ve got any large appliances you use regularly, don’t forget to plan somewhere for them to live that’s easy to get to.

A coffee machine is a wonderful gadget, but it can end up cluttering up your surfaces. Instead, think about installing a coffee station behind cabinetry to keep it streamlined.

Likewise, if you regularly use a slow cooker, blender, or mixer, make sure you have deep cabinets in your design that can house them comfortably.

Plan Vertical Storage

Low drawers are perfect for pots and pans, but you always need vertical storage for your smaller items. Thin, high cabinets are perfect for storing baking trays, muffin tins, platters, and other awkward items that usually get buried at the bottom of cabinets.

Custom pull-outs are also great for acting as a pantry space near the cooker for spices, sauces, and items you use frequently.

Keep Cuttlery and Cups Near the Sink

You should also have cabinetry near the sink and dishwasher to make cleaning up much easier. If your plates are stored on the other side of the kitchen, emptying the dishwasher suddenly becomes an unnecessarily hard chore.

The less distance your cutlery, dishes, and cups have to travel when cleaned, the better.

Include Thinner Top Drawers

We love deep drawers for storing plates, pots, pans, and other large items, but you still need conventional drawers for your cutlery, cooking utensils, towels, and other everyday items.

A slightly deeper top drawer is also a great place for a custom spice rack if you’re a foodie, which can be fitted with spice racks to keep everything neat and tidy.

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